7 Effective Packaging Design Strategies – Part 2

Welcome back! In Part 1 of of this article we discussed how to leverage some simple strategies to get the most from your packaging, if you missed it, please read it here. Following from there, we look at 3 more strategies that can assist you in developing your strategy.

By , June 12th, 2017

Lady selecting a product from the shelf.

The Element Of Surpirse

Building a brand is about creating memorable experiences with your consumer, especially when dealing with the millennials, who value experience more than anything else. This shift in focus from desiring things to desiring experiences has a direct effect on packaging design. For instance, you can design the way a box opens to a flooded bright colour with a special message or coupon inside, or even a little pop up window that jumps out at the user – there are endless possibilities to explore. Ensure you challenge yourself to push the boundaries with your next design and create a delightful experience for your consumer.

Printed boxes with flood coating inside

Customers Knows Best

Take the guess work out of choosing a design, and put it into the hands of your customers. After all they are the ones that are going to be buying your product in the end. Whilst many companies cannot afford costly focus group research, there are many survey websites that can be used to get your design in front of hundreds of customers that match your exact target audience. Using this type of research takes all the boardroom banter out of the equation yet still equips your team with accurate direction based on real consumer insight.

Cadbury Range Of Chocholates

Spot colour rules, process is for fools

Matching a colour 100%, whether it’s a Pantone or a special corporate spot colour (like the Cadbury’s purple), is always much better achieved using a spot colour instead of using CMYK to try and match the spot colour. Using a spot colour has much more visual impact, and is also more consistent throughout a print run. In most cases we can’t get away from the CMYK process, as this makes up the images (photographs) on a design. Luckily technology has advanced in such a way that it’s no longer necessary to try and incorporate the special colour into the CMYK mix, but rather print it as an additional colour at hardly any extra cost. If you weigh up the cost difference between using a spot colour and the additional sales you will gain, the additional sales usually wins hands down. So next time you go to print, make sure you use a spot colour for that extra stand out potential.

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