Smart Gin Bottles Using NFC Technology

Finland based, Northern Lights Spirits, uses NFC tags with cloud based software to enable direct point of purchase interaction with consumers directly from their packaging.

By , July 11th, 2017

As competition in the spirit category heats up, many leading brands are trying to find new and innovative ways to attract loyal consumers. Through the years, brands have used the combination of different printing methods and bottle designs to stand out on shelf and convey their brand message. We have seen things like Foiling, Embossing, Die-cutting, special inks, an array of different substrates, heat and cold activated inks and even light sensitive inks, glow in the dark etc. So what is next?

Brands, especially smaller brands, have a much needed desire to connect with their users on a more intimate/emotional level, and cannot always rely on their packaging design to tell the whole story. That is all about to change. A new label developed by Thinfilm in Norway, uses NFC technology that communicates with mobile phones by simply tapping on the label. Once a customer taps the label, their device automatically connects to the cloud hosted platform, and they receive a tailored branded message. This enables brand owners to instantly deliver brand messages, stories, competition details or any other relevant content directly to an active consumer’s hand.

Further to only delivering fantastic content, these Smart Tags also collects powerful data that can then be channelled back to the brand owner and used to gain valuable insights about their users. Before Smart Tags, brand owners incorporated QR codes onto their packaging design, however research has shown that fewer and fewer consumers engage with QR codes. It’s a bit of a mission to take out you cell phone, turn it on, find the QR reader and then take the picture, however to me it doesn’t seem like a mission, but if you only have a few seconds, then you don’t want to fumble around on your smartphone looking for that QR code software Icon. With NFC technology, you simply tap your phone on the tag, or close to it, and voila – content start appearing on your screen.

Kalevala Gin is a handcrafted, small batch gin made by Northern Lights Sprits in Finland. They have a wonderful story to tell, head over to their website for more info. Their packaging design is also pretty awesome.

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